Frequently Asked Questions

What is eyRead?

  • eyRead is a division of Genashtim Innovative Learning. This was established to provide support to users of JAWS and NVDA screen readers.

Do you provide technical support service?

  • Yes we provide technical support service for users of JAWS and NVDA.

How much do you charge for the technical support service?

  • We charge US$6 for 30 minutes and US$12 for 1 hour.

Do you provide screen reader training?

  • Yes.

How long is your screen reader training?

  • 40 hours assuming that the trainee is already familiar with the computer keyboard.

How do you conduct the screen reader training?

  • We conduct our training online with the use of Skype and remote PC software.

Does your service include JAWS installer?

  • No. Client should have their own licensed JAWS installer. If the client has the installer, we can provide assistance in installation and setup.

Does your service include NVDA installer?

  • Yes. NVDA is free to download and we can assist in downloading and setting up this software to your computer.